We love cool clothes underlining our personalities and mind-sets. However, we are also aware that this industry is harming our planet. We did some research and could not believe how bad it is. It made us change our habits and behavior. In essence, if you want to buy a new piece of apparel, buy quality to extend sustainability. We look at different kind of textiles and keep trying to get better day by day. Our vision is to keep developing every day to use less water every day in the production, eliminate chemicals and make it overall a sustainable process and create a lot of smiling faces in doing so. we want to impact rethinking and consciousness in the textile industry on producer as well as on consumer level. We are inspired by people who want to make it differently and stay close to themselves to live their life.

Get on the journey with us! We don't know where it goes but we believe in EMMA, in us and intuition-based decisions!