Friends on a mission.
This is us

“I have loved fashion my whole life. Clothes represent our personality at first glance. When I was old enough to buy clothes myself from my own money, I quickly became a fast-fashion consumer and chose multiple pairs of denims over one high-quality and well-fitting one. The time as a student was exciting and I was always on a low budget like all of my friends. Traveling and seeing places was always my first priority but second was looking how I wanted to look. Cheap fashion retailers made it possible that I was still able to buy cool-looking pieces of clothes regularly. 


I never challenged the brands enough. At university I learned more about the value chain and production process but always with the intention to maximize profit and brand awareness. Corporate social responsibility was in a way a detached topic and not even considered being on the same level as subjects like international business, sales or marketing. I have always believed in doing business while staying close to myself and my core values and to do good for our world and people at the same time. 


It seems so easy to ignore working conditions in Bangladesh and leftover clothes from 1st world countries in Haiti; even the chemicals in the clothes we put on our skin on a daily basis. My body started reacting to food some time ago and I started becoming very conscious about food. By now it has become an overall trend in today’s world. I figured I cannot do the one and not the other. I started educating myself about the textile industry, I started questioning and not avoiding. I started talking to Bart about it and he got deeper into the topic and we got in touch with Onur. We three studied together at a business school in The Netherlands. Onur was born and raised in Istanbul and still lives there. Onur’s family runs a family business, a dyeing company. The textile industry is Onur’s home and he has been experimenting with organic dyes. When I called him up, he shared my vision of EMMA right away. Things went quickly. Onur came to Amsterdam, we spent some days together, and EMMA was born. Two weeks later we went to Istanbul and visited a friend of Onur who produced the first small EMMA batch. We are friends sharing a dream and a mission. We translated our dream to a plan and are ready, so ready, for this journey together. Step by step, we discover, challenge and change things in the process we come across. We signed up with our heart and soul and we became a little family. 


Our promise to you, when you buy EMMA, is that you invest in a bit of a change in the textile industry. We cannot promise that we will make this industry sustainable, but we can promise that we will do our best in staying close to ourselves and act according to our core values in everything we do; question, challenge, change, and break the Brules on the way.


The message of EMMA: Stay close to yourself, be you, and act according to your core values to make a contribution to our world in all your actions and interactions.” –  Tine, July 15th 2018 



how we roll

EMMA’s ID card aka. Core Values

1. Openness & Honesty

Our colleagues are like our family and our customers are like friends. We want to build up a community in the textile industry based on relationships. Real relationships are built on open and honest communication. Transparency is a focus topic. 


2. Continuous Development & Improvement 

No standing-still. Keep it moving on a personal as well as on a skills level. 


3. People over Process

People always over policies, regulations and such. We want to build up real relationships and connect with people. If policies or regulations intervene, choose the person.  

4. Kid’s Creativity

Never lose the lightness we experimented with and tried out when we were little. There are no limits. Do more with less! If you don’t see limits, you find a way. 


5. Free Perspective 

If you are doubting, check whether you would act in a free perspective. If not, get in a free perspective! 

  1. Intention is clear

  2. “You don’t have to be here” – you always have a 2nd choice

  3. Confront everything, avoid nothing!

  4. Trust the process and connect

  5. Contribute 


6. Adventure over Safety 

Take risks when your gut tells you to. Push the boundaries and take responsibility for it. Own it and deal with the possible consequences! You will be alright! 


7. Take Leadership 

Take the lead, nobody will do it for you! If you identify a problem or challenge, take it on and take the lead and move forward. Change is always a step forward! Embrace it and be positive about it!


8. Be Happy 

If you struggle with a situation or role for more than two weeks and you can watch your energy draining, stop right there and change the situation. There might be a better role fit or other solutions. Don’t hold on to the situation and get frustrated with it! Do something about it!


9. Simplicity 

Keep it simple; if you cannot explain it to a 7-year-old, revisit!